Our Signature Top Treatment

“Signature Tops” are unique to Saloom Furniture, and give you the option to add texture and character to your table top. Each of the techniques is done by hand using specially designed tools to create a natural look. “Signature Tops” are available on any of our solid maple top dining tables.

Alternate table top planks are slightly raised and lowered, giving the look of an antique farm table, without any grooves or “crumb catchers”.
This technique has multiple lines or grooves that mimic aged “split” marks and create a table top that looks naturally aged. We recomment Heritage and Distressed finishes to best capture an authentically aged and antique look on your table top.
This technique captures the texture of table tops before the era of modern woodworking machines, when boards were hand planed to produce a rippled surface that shows tool marks and “tear out”.
Hand carved lines add subtle texture to your table top.