Issue #1 June 2014


What is Quality Chair Construction?

Chair construction can be a little tricky, just ask any manufacturer. However identifying the telltale signs of quality chair construction can be nearly impossible for a consumer who is faced with a huge selection of chairs made in various methods from places all over the globe. That being said, with a quick inspection and the right information from the sales staff, the consumer can be prepared to make the decision that fits their needs. Keep these quality features in mind the next time you are comparing chairs from different vendors and want to know how they stack up against each other.

Saloom Flips the Chair Business Upside-Down

This may sound counterproductive as most consumers will never find the need to turn their dining chairs upside down during normal use. However, by flipping the chair over in the showroom additional quality information can be gained. Count the number of screws you see that are set into the frame of the chair, (legs, stretchers, sides of seats). There will be four screws that fasten the seat to the frame, any more than that should be a red flag. Why’s that? Because screws create problems in chair frames. They apply pressure and stress in the places they are driven into. This can cause chairs to split and crack over time. Good woodworkers know how to make their pieces fit together perfectly and don’t need to screw one piece to another. Screws also have the potential of backing out and creating a weak joint that requires constant re-tightening. The photo below illustrates the ideal under chair construction where only a minimal number of s

crews are used to hold the seat in place and all other frame construction is done with advanced methods like mortise and tenon joints and corner block construction.

IMG 1327     IMG 1329

                                       Mortise and Tenon Joint                                                                        Corner Blocks

Mortise and tenon joint construction is a time honored and proven method of creating strong, long lasting joints in chairs and other pieces of furniture. Saloom chairs are built by applying an adhesive and pressing a strong tenon into an opening (mortise). Our corner blocks are seated on precisely measured grooves on the inner chair frame and reinforce the overall strength of the chair without adding unnecessary screws or fasteners. When a chair of high quality construction is flipped upside down it should look something like this:


Please note that there are 4 pilot holes (one on each corner block) shown here that will contain a screw once the seat is installed on the chair. Additionally notice the thickness of the frame components. Saloom uses components much larger than industry average to create a substantial look and feel to the chairs and to create a better balanced, stronger piece of furniture. As you can see, quite a lot of information is hiding right under the seat!

Next time you’re in a showroom and not sure exactly what the major differences are between the chairs you’re looking at, utilize these tips. With a brief inspection you can uncover a lot more information that will strengthen your decision making process. For more product information please visit our website at

HIGH POINT, N.C., March 28, 2011 – Saloom Furniture Company, a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of American-made dining furniture, will showcase an array of new products during this week's High Point Furniture Market.

The pieces that Saloom will highlight include six modern maple buffets, two transitional buffets available in maple and cherry and one country-style maple buffet. The 50-inch and 60-inch buffets feature premium grade domestic veneers and solids, European hinges, and mortice and tenon box construction.

Saloom Furniture showcased four of its dining furniture lines during October 2010's High Point Market showcase in North Carolina. Here are just some of the photos that were taken during the event. More are posted on our Facebook page!

WINCHENDON, Mass., Nov. 15, 2010 – Saloom Furniture Company, a leading manufacturer of American-made dining furniture, has developed an Environmental Mission Statement to make consumers who are interested in buying “green” products aware of the company's policies and practices.

“Our green efforts focus on some of the most difficult issues in our industry, including reducing the oil used for heating our factory and reducing our volatile organic compounds (VOC) from our finishing operations,” Peter Saloom, the company's president, said. “It's a very challenging, never-ending process.”

HIGH POINT, N.C., Oct. 8, 2010 – New England-based Saloom Furniture Company will showcase four of its dining furniture collections during next week's High Point Furniture Market, a six-day trade event that attracts more than 85,000 exhibitors and buyers throughout the world.

Saloom Furniture will be promoting its unique values and new pricing programs during the event. Among the strengths Saloom will be showcasing: American-made solid wood furnishings, high quality craftsmanship, custom pieces and fast delivery.