WINCHENDON, Mass., Nov. 15, 2010 – Saloom Furniture Company, a leading manufacturer of American-made dining furniture, has developed an Environmental Mission Statement to make consumers who are interested in buying “green” products aware of the company's policies and practices.

“Our green efforts focus on some of the most difficult issues in our industry, including reducing the oil used for heating our factory and reducing our volatile organic compounds (VOC) from our finishing operations,” Peter Saloom, the company's president, said. “It's a very challenging, never-ending process.”

Saloom Furniture crafted its Environmental Mission Statement to present the core values of the company and concrete facts on its practices in a straightforward manner. Key points include that the furniture is all made in the United States, where environmental laws are among the world's most stringent and that nearly all the material used is maple wood grown in the Northeast, where maple resources are robust.

The intent is to provide clarity to consumers who would rather buy products from companies that watch out for the environment.

“Most consumers today have some degree of interest in protecting our environment when they can but are confused by the overabundance of 'green' marketing messages presented to them,” Becki Gould, Saloom's marketing director, said. “They have a hard time distinguishing what's of real value.”

She added: “For example, one of the most important factors to consider in a furniture purchase is whether the investment you are making in a quality piece of furniture will last for generations. This means that it will not end up at as waste in a landfill like cheaper, disposable furniture. It's a simple concept, one that a consumer might not have considered when weighing the impact on the environment.”

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Saloom Furniture Company is a premier manufacturer of solid wood American made dining room furniture. Styles include contemporary, transitional and country. Founded in 1982, Saloom Furniture has grown from a basement location to two factories with 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space in north central Massachusetts. The largest employer in Winchendon, Mass., Saloom's dining furniture is available at locations throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit