Step 1: Maple and Cherry Wood

Maple (M)

Maple wood is a favorite in today’s homes and kitchen cabinets. It is a close-grain, finely textured, high density wood. Maple is known for its long lasting strength and subdued, slightly curved grain pattern. The sapwood is very light in color, while the heartwood is light brown.

Cherry (C)

Cherry is a very popular closed grain hardwood, offering warm reddish brown tones, with a golden luster that ages to a beautiful and rich patina over time. Small pin knots and gum pockets are characteristic of cherry. These pockets are found throughout the tree and are filled with a dark sap. When the cherry panels are machined, it reveals these special effects. We DO NOT fill these pockets, they are one of the unique characteristics that give each table top its own individual beauty.

 Not all table styles are available in Cherry, please see the Base Reference Guide for available styles.