Cherry - A Unique Hardwood

Cherry is a very popular closed grain hardwood, offering warm reddish brown tones with a golden luster, that ages to a beautiful and rich patina over time.

All Saloom Furniture cherry dining tables are made using the highest grades of quality cherry panels. The cherry tree grows with a deep red color at its core (heartwood). The new wood in the outer rings is white (sapwood). We use 95% red heartwood in our dining tables with some small amounts of sapwood. The sapwood is toned to make the table top have a more balanced appearance.

Small pin knots and gum pockets are characteristic of cherry. These pockets are found throughout the tree and are filled with a dark sap. When the cherry panels are machined, it reveals these special effects. We DO NOT fill these pockets, they are one of the unique characteristics that give each table top it's own individual beauty. Each individual piece of wood will absorb stain differently due to differences in the wood grain and color in each wood panel. Due to these grain variations, your table top may not exactly match the finish sample. This is not considered a manufacturing defect.

Keep in mind that solid wood expands and contracts due to changing levels of temperature and humidity in your home. Sometimes this can affect the amount of space between table extension leaves. This is a natural feature of solid wood, and will self-correct over time. This is not considered a manufacturing defect.

Quality Features

  • SUPER FINISH: Every inch of our wood tables (including the underside and base) receives a coating of our Saloom Super Finish.  This clear catalyzed varnish protects your furniture from moisture and most household chemicals such as turpentine, nail polish remover, and lemon juice. However all finishes can scratch and dent, therefore when in use, we advise using placemats or other protection between dishes and table top.
  • SELF STORING LEAFS: Most of our oval, rectangular, and boat shaped maple top tables will self store one leaf underneath the table top. Please see price lists for exceptions.
  • QUALITY SLIDES that won't stick on leg tables, and double-geared slides on pedestal tables.
  • LEAF GAP COVERS on aprons.
  • BRASS LEAF PINS for leaf alignment

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