Casual Dining Chairs

Casual Dining Chairs Casual dining chairs by Saloom Furniture Company are perfect for laid-back occasions with family and friends, but they're also suitable for more formal uses. At Saloom, we specialize in crafting furniture that straddles the line between formal and informal, so you can be sure your casual dining room chairs can be used for anything from Friday night pizza parties, romantic dinners and special occasions. Our chairs are constructed using the highest quality maple and cherry hardwoods, upholstery and other materials. Our upholstered casual dining chairs are equipped with Soflex, which features advanced suspension webbing and three layers of foam for optimal comfort. And with our many style and finish options, you're sure to find the casual dining room chairs of your dreams from Saloom.

It's time for you to check out our line of casual dining chairs for yourself. Visit an authorized Saloom furniture dealer and see the precision and artistry that go into everything we do. Find one near you today!